Here’s How to Become a Certified Payroll Professional

Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) is a designation mostly used for payroll specialists who are in-charge of tracking employee time and attendance and gathering information to ensure on time release of paychecks. Being a CPP therefore verifies your competency in payroll management. However, to be a Certified Payroll Professional, you must be qualified to take the[…]

Payroll System Essential for SMEs

Is Payroll System Essential for SMEs?

What is the role of payroll system to SMEs? These days, entrepreneurs often look for an answer to save them from the hassles of doing manual payroll. Payroll management system plays a vital role in an organization not only for employees’ salary computation but also for compliance. Furthermore, a payroll management software manages the contribution[…]

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HR Software for Small and Medium Business

5 Reasons to Use HR Software in Your Small and Medium Business Most companies in the Philippines have HR Management but that is not the case for some small businesses. SMBs tend to overlook its importance and the value it may add to their growth. Their focus is mainly shifted towards the business’ profitability rather[…]

Biometric Device for your Office

In today’s increasingly digital world, protecting confidential information is a major concern for companies. Traditional passwords and keys can easily be hacked or tampered with and these no longer provide enough security to ensure that your data is safe from unauthorized individuals. A biometric security device has its numerous advantages. It represents the future of[…]

5 Things You Should Know About 13th Month Pay

13th month pay is probably one of the things that most employees look forward to every holiday season. This mandatory benefit given to all rank and file employees is pursuant to Presidential Decree 851, signed by then President Ferdinand Marcos. Because of its nature, the ability to compute this is automatically included in most software[…]


Top 5 Tips for Choosing an HRMS Solution for Your Business

The Human Resource Department of a company performs a number of core tasks such as posting job ads, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews and screening applicants, resolving conflict among employees, coordinating with managers, and most of all, taking charge in organizing the payroll system of the company. Keeping your payroll always accurate can be a difficult[…]

Why You Need to Use a Payroll System

Keeping track of every employee’s salary, allowance, deduction, and net pay, can be quite a challenge, especially for a company’s Human Resource Department. This is why you need to use a Payroll Management System to help you handle salaries and contributions of each member of your manpower. Ideally, payroll software should have the ability to[…]

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15 Job Interview Questions that catch us off-guard

Interview questions are asked not just to gauge how clever you are, but to test how sensible and adaptable you are to a given situation. Some employers; even business owners, ask the silliest, strangest, even the hardest questions just to how mentally tough you are. Interview questions answered wrongfully can blow a person’s chances of[…]