handle payroll easily

How can you handle Payroll easily?

How can you handle Payroll easily?  A question that most new businesses and even established businesses are asking time and again.  Payroll processing is not an easy task.  It involves setting up an accurate and timely payroll system that will compute employee’s taxes and establish routine pay periods. We would like to share with you[…]

compute payroll withholding tax

How to compute payroll withholding tax easily

Determining the withholding tax on your employees payroll is equally important for your employee and your business. As part of Philippine payroll’s commitment in providing you with resources on payroll computation we will present to you how to compute payroll withholding tax.  Remember that doing this correctly is very important for every employee since they[…]

Philippine payroll software - What are de minimis benefits?

Philippine Payroll 101: What are de minimis benefits?

Knowing de minimis benefits is key to having an accurate payroll processing.  We have discussed in our previous article about some of the things that you are doing wrong in your Philippine payroll process that this is a common mistake.  In this article, we will discuss more about this type of employee benefits. What are[…]

10 Things You're Doing Wrong in Your Philippine Payroll Process

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Your Philippine Payroll Process

Payroll processing will always be one of the most important part in our business.  We have to do this in order to give proper remuneration for our employees, staff and workers.  Philippine payroll process is not about the amount of money we give rather it is about how accurate, timely and easy the process is[…]

Philippine Payroll tips before switching new payroll services

Philippine Payroll tips before switching payroll services

Our Philippine payroll tips are designed to help you be more aware and at ease with your payroll processing.  Sometimes we get frustrated with our current payroll system specially if we are using a manual payroll system.  Oftentimes, we want to readily switch to a new system and use it.  However, there are certain things[…]

What is a payroll system and what you need to know about it?

Payroll systems are very basic when it comes to business operations particularly if you have more than than five employees.  In layman’s term, payroll is actually the company’s list of its employees, however this term is usually used to refer to: the total amount of money that a company pays its employees, a company’s records of[…]

Advantages and disadvantages of a manual vs computerized payroll system

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a manual payroll system vs a computerized payroll system?  Will a manual payroll be acceptable for your company or do you have to switch to a computerized payroll system? During the course of the development of the Philippine Payroll Software we have always asked the same question, “how[…]

Philippine Payroll Software updated on government regulations

Philippine Payroll 101: All about Withholding Taxes on Compensation

Withholding Tax is mandatory requirement of the government in computing your business payroll in the Philippines. This deduction is part of the program embedded into the Philippine Payroll Software (Payroll Pro). Lifting from the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) official website (www.bir.gov.ph), withholding tax on compensation income is defined as “tax withheld from income payments[…]

Philippine Payroll Software updated on government regulations

Philippine Payroll 101: PAG-IBIG FUND

The Philippine Payroll Software (Payroll Pro) includes PAG-IBIG FUND as part of the government required deductions in its payroll software. Originally called the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), PAG-IBIG was previously under SSS and GSIS so membership is compulsory. In May 1986 it was temporarily suspended until August 1 of the same year. From this[…]