August 23, 2018

LinkedIn Talent Solutions


Start-Hiring World-class Talent

Find and engage the best talent for your organization using the world's largest professional network. LinkedIn Talent Solutions offers an innovative way for companies to accelerate their hiring process. Its comprehensive recruiting tools will help you succeed at talent acquisition and move your business forward.

LinkedIn has 6+Million members across all industries in the Philippines and has 176,000+ active companies. LinkedIn Talent Solutions allows you to connect with top talent strategically and automatically.

With LinkedIn, you can:

  • • Find and hire active and passive candidates.
  • • Target the right candidate for any job.
  • • Showcase your company’s unique culture to attract talent.


Corporate Recruiter Features!

  • • Find the right talent faster
  • It’s easy to find the perfect hire with LinkedIn’s most powerful search tools at your fingertips- including guided search and advance recruiting filters
  • • Unlimited access to the LinkedIn network
    • Access anyone in LinkedIn’s network of 500 million professionals with full out-of-network visibility and contact them directly with InMail.
  • • Manage your pipeline of talent
    • Build a pipeline of talent to fill roles more quickly, and easily collaborate with your team so you don’t work

    Personalized Job Targeting through Job Slots!

    • • Advertise your jobs to just the right people
    • We automatically recommend jobs to LinkedIn Members with the skills and expertise you need
  • • Post new open roles in no time
    • Since Job Slots are basically recurring job posts, you get the flexibility, you need to fill roles as they open up
  • • Make applicant management a breeze
    • Access our streamlined applicant management tools to review and filter candidates, take notes and reach out- ALL on LinkedIn


    Product Features Yearly Subscription
    Job Slots
    (1 year validity)
    Job Slot Package Inclusions:

    • 5 Job slots
    • • Unlimited Edit, Change, Replace job title or job details at any given time
    • • Job Analytics (allows you to see and measure who has viewed and applied to your job)
    Php 149,000.00
    LinkedIn Talent Solution Package
    (1 year access)
    Talent Solution Package Inclusions:

    • 1 License Corporate Recruiter
    • Access to all 6M+ Philippine members that enables unlimited network search capabilities, profile views, data search filters & smart job matching.
  • 1 Job slot
    • Unlimited Edit, Change, Replace job title or job details anytime.
  • 20 Hiring Managers
  • 1 Dashboard Manager
  • 150 inMails per month
  • Basic training and support is provided
  • Php 299,000.00

    ADD ONS:

    Features Yearly Subscription
    Additional Recruiter Seats Corporate Recruiter

    • • Access to 6M+ Philippine member base
    • • Additional 150 InMail Messages credits/month
    • • 20 Hiring Managers Seat
    Php 270,000.00
    Additional Job Slot Job Slot

    • • Unlimited Edit, Change, Replace job title or job details at any given time
    • • Job Analytics (allows you to see and measure who has viewed and applied to your job)
    Php 29,000.00


    Course Course Outline Fee
    Millennial Management Program: Hiring, Managing, Developing and Retaining Millennials in the 21st Century 2 Day Training Program

    • • What Makes a Leader?
    • • Situation Styles of Leadership
    • • Behavioral Interviewing
    • • Performance Management
    • • Team & Employee Engagement
    • • Talent Management and Succession Management
    • • Developing a Nurturing Culture
    • • Maximum of 20 persons/batch
    Php 120,000.00
    Succession Talent Management for future Business Success 2 Day Training Program

    • • VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) Environment
    • • Succession Planning/Management
    • • Talent Management
    • • Maximum of 20 persons/batch
    Php 120,000.00
    Strategic HR and People Development Program 2 Day Training Program

    • • Recruit the Best Talent
    • • Performance Management Processes and Systems
    • • Retaining Talent
    • • Employee Engagement
    • • HR Strategies/Planning
    • • Maximum of 20 persons/batch
    Php 120,000.00