January 28, 2016

Payroll Packages Pricing

As your business or organization grows, managing your payroll can easily become very complex. Not only do you have to deal with employees expecting their pay on time and error free, but you also have more employer obligations, a myriad of tax rates and endless paperwork to contend with. As a business owner, there are considerations you need to think of like pricing and specs. Philippine Payroll Software has been designed with easy-to-use features without compromising the flexibility you would expect from powerful payroll systems.

Philippine Payroll Pro by Mustard Seed offers competitive pricing. Each of our packages includes a Biometric Time Attendance device which will make your payroll processing easier.  Check out our packages below:

Payroll Pro
Payroll Pro
Payroll Pro
Payroll Pro
Payroll Pro
Single (1) User LicenseSingle (1) User LicenseSingle (1) User LicenseMulti (3) User LicenseMulti (3) User License
Maximum of 30 EmployeesMaximum of 100 EmployeesUnlimited number of employeesUnlimited number of employeesUnlimited number of employees
Prints Payslip, Payroll Sheet etc.Prints Payslip, Journal Entries for Integration to Accounting SystemHR Information System (201 file)Multi Shifting Schedules / Updated Government TablesUse Microsoft SQL Database Engine
Free Biometric Timekeeping Device (model K21)Free Biometric Timekeeping Device (model K21)Free Biometric Timekeeping Device (model K21)Free Biometric Fingerprint Scanner (model IN01-A)
Free for every time keeping devicesPRICE: ₱35,000.00PRICE: ₱55,000.00PRICE: ₱85,000.00PRICE: ₱399,000.00

All packages include a FREE 1-day training for 1 person (MSSC Training Center) and FREE Priority Support except Payroll Lite.

You can check out the full features of Payroll Pro Software through this link.

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