January 26, 2016

Payroll Pro Enterprise

Product overview

Enjoy the most comprehensive Philippine Payroll Software Enterprise Edition.  This includes all Payroll Pro features plus additional modules which make payroll management easier.

Payroll Pro packages were developed to provide Small-Medium Enterprises with financial and business management solutions that take care of your business’ HR solutions needs.

PRICE: ₱399,000.00

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Payroll Software Enterprise

Payroll Software Enterprise Inclusions

  • Updated SSS, PHIL, Tax Exemption and withholding tax table
  • Handles multiple shifts schedules
  • Automatic computation of 13th month, bonuses and quit claim
  • Reports compliant to government format
  • Submission to SSS, PHIC, HDMF and to bank for ATM register
  • Journal Entries to any accounting software
  • Link to SAP Business One and Dynamics
  • Use Microsoft SQL Database Engine
  • Password by rank, module up to single report
  • Integrated with most timekeeping devices
  • Print reports such as: Alpha list, W2, 2316, bank register, historical pay slip,
    contributions attendance and much more
  • Send to Mail Reports
  • Send to Mail Payslip
  • 25 man days for implementation
  • Free Biometric Timekeeping Device (model IN01-A)


Recruitment Web Portal
Select Job Opening, Take Exams and Get Interviewed

Employee Web Portal
An online portal where your employees can file for Leaves, OT, OB, View Reports, Timesheet, Loans, Payslips, etc.

  • 50 Simultaneous User Access
  • Online Application and Approval
  • Online Viewing of Leave Balances, Employee Profile, and Historical Payslips

Real Time Attendance Software
Real-time attendance software made for Payroll Enterprise that does daily monitoring and uploads of reports.

  • No Clock in/Clock out
  • Lates and Undertime
  • Attendance Summary

Dataport Module
Import and export unlimited Excel files through this feature.

Menu Designer
Arrange menu buttons on the software.

Billing Application/Report
Automated billing application/computation. A feature that is commonly used by manpower agencies.

You can check out the full FEATURES of Philippine Payroll Software through this link.

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