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Biometric Device for your Office

In today’s increasingly digital world, protecting confidential information is a major concern for companies. Traditional passwords and keys can easily be hacked or tampered with and these no longer provide enough security to ensure that your data is safe from unauthorized individuals.

A biometric security device has its numerous advantages. It represents the future of electronic security because this tool uses a sophisticated and complex technology to recognize each individual’s unique fingerprint, facial feature, and voice. A lot of companies have realized the benefits of using biometric system to protect their server rooms, other assets, and also to take their employees’ time & attendance.

In a corporate environment, making sure that only certain employees can have access to specific rooms help establish accountability in your organization since everything is documented. A biometric system enables you to keep a very good record of your employees’ work hours.

ZKTeco is a world-leading enterprise specialized in Hybrid-Biometric Verification technology. It offers a cost-effective solution for improved access control and accurate time and attendance for your business, inventory, or customer records. This can also be integrated with Philippine Payroll Pro, a payroll management system developed by Mustard Seed Systems Corporation. This feature is economical for its end users because they don’t need to worry about having an accurate record of their staffs’ work hours.

ZKTeco Biometric Devices reduces administrative costs and are simple to install and easy to operate. This minimizes the need for an intensive training and ongoing management expenses. It saves time and money for other departments as well because the needs to replace ID cards and reset passwords are eliminated. In addition, if a card gets stolen, it might lead to a security breach – a thing that is almost impossible to occur with a biometric system.
A flexible, versatile, and cost-effective biometric solution can be one of the keys to a successful business operation. Accurate audit trails and high security are just some of the advantages of having a system installed.

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