Be a part of our Clan of Consultants and help SMEs nationwide automate their payroll process.

Clan of Consultants (COC) is designed to recognize and financially reward companies/independent consultants who put our HRpro software at the heart of their service offerings. Aside from getting referral fees, partners will also have the chance to join our “Millionaire’s Club” – allowing them to receive an additional incentive at the end of the fiscal year.

Who can join our Clan of Consultants?

Consultants/ consulting firms, managers, accountants, IT personnel, finance managers, and independent practitioners are eligible to apply in our COC Alliance Program EXCEPT:
1. Current employees, Business Leads, Branch Managers, Admins, Managers, Senior Managers, and Executive members of Mustard Seed Systems Corporation.
2. Individuals who are up to third degree relatives of any MSSC employees.

3. Consultants who applied but are not screened and approved by the Channels Development Manager.

What should a consultant do?

Leverage MSSC’s resources (Sales, Marketing, Technical, and Customer Relations Teams).

Cooperate and coordinate with MSSC’s Sales Team. Allow joint participation in partner’s customer events.

Aspire to reach the “Millionaire’s Club”.

What’s in it for you?

You will receive a 5% referral fee for every consummated deal and even get an additional year-end incentive.

What is the “Millionaire’s Club”?

Get an accumulated annual sale of ₱ 1,000,000 or more and receive a 1% rebate before the year ends.


What kind of partnership would you like to form with us?