HRpro HRIS Basic

Next generation human resource management is within your fingertips. Complete with mandatory base modules to seamlessly manage your employees, the HRpro HRIS Basic package also comes with key features such as Training and Development module to bridge the gap between your talent skills and available opportunities within the organization.
HRpro HRIS has helped transform organizations with modules that can eliminate the day-to-day stress of HR and Payroll Teams. Complete with smart dashboards, an interactive portal, and user-friendly mobile application, this system can revolutionize the way you recruit, manage, retain, and develop your employees.
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Training and Development
Provide excellent training, improve workforce morale, increase job satisfaction, and motivate your staff to broaden their knowledge on certain work areas through the Training and Development Module.

Today’s work demands are ever changing. The only way for organizations to cope is to provide their employees with training that can enable them to adapt to these challenges. HRpro’s Performance Management Module has specific features under Training and Development that help businesses like yours empower the most important asset of your organization – your employees.
Key Features of the Training and Development Module

Identify training needs and bridge the skills gap

From identifying training needs, nominating employees to training, and evaluating the employees’ performance, the Training and Development tool can aid in your staff’s professional development and succession planning.

  • With its advanced “need converter”, Supervisors can capture the training needs, organize programs with ease, as well as define, plan, budget, and schedule the training programs.
  • What’s more, they can link it with the Performance Management Module to track the employee performance post training.

Empower employees with access to training

Share the knowledge and expertise across different employees and departments of your organization. With the Training and Development module, employees gain quick access to all available and relevant training programs.

  • Users can request, identify, and apply for the required training programs.
  • Administrative Users can maintain a waiting list once the capacity of a program is fully occupied.

Evaluate the training, the trainer, and the ROI

Is your training engaging the learners, or is it falling short on some areas? With the Training and Development module, supervisors can identify areas for improvement and evaluate the effectivity of the training conducted.

  • Set standards and hold the trainer accountable by setting trainer rankings against every training conducted.
  • Managers can also perform the critical closure steps post-training to gain insights into the employee’s engagement with the program and assess the ROI of the training.

Administration made easy

Conduct all those core operational activities around training programs. The Training and Development module has a dashboard that allows you to monitor employee activities from enrollment to attendance and pending evaluations.

  • Administrative users can schedule course and subject-wise training as well as view the scheduled training through a calendar view option.
  • These users can also structure the training and development into phases.
  • Easily manage these training by editing, rescheduling, or postponing them as needed.
  • Monitor employee attendance on programs conducted.
  • Gain in-depth reports and insights on training activities.

Key Benefits:

Holistic Approach to HR Management

From recruitment to monitoring employees’ performance management, HRpro HRIS has the complete set of tools to accelerate the way you onboard your staff and foster strong workforce engagement. Shorten the learning curve of new recruits from day one using the Employee Lifecyle and track their progress through Performance Management. The system also allows you to monitor your staff’s performance and productivity, by setting KPIs and offering available trainings within the organization.

Data-driven Reports for Key Decisions

Integrate data from multiple modules and get a complete view of your organization through the Report Navigator and available dashboards. HRpro HRIS ensures consistent, reliable, and accurate information every time you need to access the system. Only obtain the data you need using filters and export the reports to PDF or MS Excel.

Accessibility via the Mobile App

Experience accessibility and manage employee performance with ease through any smart device. Communicate training requirements and add or update goals for each employee through the HRpro HRIS mobile application. It allows you to track or update the achievement under each KPI via the KPI Management feature and provides an easily navigable flow of the appraisal process.

An Overall View of Your Organization

Eliminate overlapping and duplication of job roles through the system’s Organizational Chart. No matter how complex your organization is, HRpro HRIS allows you to configure, access, and view your organization’s structure to easily locate employees from multiple locations. Gain better understanding of your company’s reporting hierarchies and eliminate redundancy of responsibilities through an overall view of your org chart.

HRpro HRIS Basic Package Inclusions:
  • Single (1) User License
  • • Up to 50 Employees (upgrade to next tier for more employees)
  • Single Company
  • Free One (1) Day Online Training
  • One (1) year phone and email support
  • One (1) year Cloud Server
HRpro HRIS Basic has the following general features:
  • Performance Management
  • Training and Development
  • Employee Information Manager
  • Organizational Chart
  • Employee Lifecycle
  • Mobile Application for iOS and Android
  • Self-service HR
  • Report Navigator
System Requirements
Minimum Hardware SpecificationsRecommended Hardware Specifications
Server 1 (Application)
ProcessorXeon 2.0GhzXeon 3.0Ghz or up
LAN Card10/100 Mbps1 GB
Hard Disk500 GB1TB
Operating SystemWindows Server 2008 FoundationWindows 2008 Advance Server
Others – Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)Terminal Server with CALTerminal Server with CAL
Internet Bandwidth – RDC2Mbps – Committed Information Rate4Mbps – Committed Information Rate
ProcessorCore DuoCore i3
LAN Card10/100 Mbps1 GB
Hard Disk250GB500GB
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro SP2Windows 7 Pro SP2