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Introducing the Philippine Payroll Software

Philippine_Payroll_Software.Sixteen years of experience and product development is the main advantage of using the Philippine Payroll Software.  This is one of the few payroll systems in the Philippines which is built solely for the purpose of helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to manage their payroll.  It is fully compliant with Philippine tax laws and updated with the latest government tables.

Payroll will always be one of the most scrupulous and tedious work for every business because it involves computing the amount of salary and wages for your employees.  A payroll system should be accurate at all times and it should result to the delivery of payroll payments on time so that employees will be satisfied and happy to work in your company.

There are many payroll systems out there but only a few are totally tested and stand the test of time.  Philippine Payroll Software had been deployed since 1999 and as of now is being used by more than 2,000 users nationwide.  You can be assured that our system is truly your choice for payroll automation.

For more information about the Philippine Payroll Software you can contact us at +63(2)535-SEED / 63(2)535-7333 or e-mail  We are always ready to help you grow your business.

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