Payroll Enterprise Basic

Payroll Enterprise Basic is part of the next-generation software series developed by Mustard Seed. With comprehensive functionalities, unlimited allowance types, and a wide range of fixed schedules, Payroll Enterprise Basic can complete any payroll operations of growing businesses with ease.
Philippine Payroll Enterprise can cater to unlimited users simultaneously, can be deployed in cloud-based or on-premise systems, runs on MS SQL Database and Crystal Reports, and has additional modules specifically designed to offer flexibility.
Why Choose Payroll Enterprise?

Single Solution

Aside from payroll capabilities, Payroll Enterprise can also provide time & attendance and other HR benefits and administration functions.



Have the ability to add users and company file whenever you need it. You also have the option to customize the program depending on your role.


Accurate Reports & Real Time Data

Avoid errors which can result in inaccurate payment of salaries, tax deductions, and even compliance by having real time information at all times.


Meet Compliance Requirements

Always stay compliant with government regulations for Payroll Enterprise is continuously developed and updated to help you.


Integration to Other Business Software

Philippine Payroll Enterprise can be integrated to accounting software like SAP, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.



Reduce paperwork through online application of attendance, Leaves, and OTs as well as send payslips via e-mail.

Experience the full performance of Payroll Enterprise Basic with these Add-ons:
  • Employee Web Portal
  • Real Time Attendance Software
  • Dataport Module
  • Menu Designer
  • Billing Application/Report
Payroll Enterprise Basic Package Inclusions:
  • 200 Employees
  • Unlimited User License
  • 1 Company File
  • Unlimited Allowance Types
  • 6 Fixed Schedules
  • With HRIS Modules
  • Automatic computation of 13th month, bonuses and quit claim
  • Updated SSS, PHIL, Tax Exemption and withholding tax table
  • Reports compliant to government format
  • Use Microsoft SQL Express Database
  • Print reports such as: Alpha list, W2, 2316, bank register, historical payslip, contributions attendance, etc.
  • Link to SAP Business One, NetSuite, ABSS, and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Can be integrated with most timekeeping devices
System Requirements
Minimum Hardware Specifications Recommended Hardware Specifications
Server 1 (Application)
Processor Xeon 3.0Ghz Xeon 3.0Ghz or up
LAN Card 1 GB 1 GB
Memory 8GB 16GB
Hard Disk 1TB 2TB
Operating System Windows Server 2008 Foundation/ Windows 2008 Advance Server Windows 2008 Advance Server / Windows Server 2012
Database Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012
(Max of 10GB)
Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2012 or 2014
Others – Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) Terminal Server with CAL Terminal Server with CAL
Internet Bandwidth – RDC 4Mbps – Committed Information Rate 4Mbps – Committed Information Rate or up
Processor Core i3 Core i5
LAN Card 10/100 Mbps or 1 GB 1 GB
Memory 4GB 4GB
Hard Disk 500GB 500GB or above
Operating System Windows 7 Pro SP2 Windows 7 and up
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