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Good employers and business owners know and understand the positive effects of treating their employees fairly, especially with matters that concern salary and benefits. Most, if not all employees, always look forward to payday because that’s when they get compensated for their hard work, especially if they’ve been working day and night to beat their deadlines.HR-payroll-target-640-623x430

In most cases, especially with people who earn below minimum salaries, every penny is important and has to be recorded in detail. Employees trust that their paychecks are accurate and consistent, so the implied
message is that companies need to make certain that payroll expenses are processed on or ahead of time. Even the slightest inconsistency or mistake in payroll entries will cause anyone a lot of headache because of the time and money that’ll be wasted, not to mention possible penalties that this might result in. As much as we try to do everything right, we still encounter unavoidable and inevitable problems that we need to know how to handle and resolve. In this article, we’re giving you a run on typical scenarios that happen when we have payroll problems. You’ll find that there is really is a solution to every problem.


Even if your company uses the most expensive payroll software in the Philippines, if the people who navigate the application and encode the information do not have a clue about what they’re doing, expect the worst case scenario: wrong entries and miscalculations. Go for quality over quantity. Even if you have 10 people handling your payroll, if they consistently make mistakes, it can spell bad consequences for your business, whereas, a few good bookkeepers who know their way around the ropes will surely make your employees satisfied every cutoff. Invest in competent and reliable people because payroll handling is an extremely important aspect of managing your small business.


There are cases when glitches can cause wrong amounts to be printed on your paychecks. This is one of the major problems that occur in payroll software. If you encounter similar circumstances, make sure to do all the necessary adjustments immediately to avoid attracting negative attention from your workforce.

Your payroll software doesn’t only keep track of salaries and taxes but is syncs with your timekeeping device to track attendance, tardiness and absences as well. Because your software is technological, just like any other software, it is susceptible to certain anomalies. It is important that you advise your Human Resources team to always keep records of leaves and absences for comparison in case a problem arises.


With tons of choices out in the market, it can be a hard task to choose which software will work best for your small business. Some small businesses make the fatal mistake of sticking to their old payroll software because of the general notion that it’s better to go with something that you’re already used to even if it’s bad for you. If you follow that philosophy, then you’re robbing yourself of progress. The key factor to consider is knowing which software is most applicable for you. Some companies make promises that don’t deliver so you should test these software for yourself. Payroll Pro by Mustard Seed  is trusted by over 2,000 users nationwide and was developed exclusively for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) so it’s one of the best choices out there.

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