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Philippine Payroll 101:  Social Security System (SSS)
SSS/JANUARY 15, 2016 The Social Security System (SSS) Building East Avenue, Quezon City. INQUIRER PHOTO / RAFFY LERMA

Philippine Payroll 101: Social Security System (SSS)

To help you better understand the process of Philippine Payroll we have decided to share some knowledge about the local payroll setting.  Let us start our topic with some of the deductions and benefits found in your payslip.  These topics will talk about  various government requirements and their relation to payroll processing.


Republic Act No. 1161 gave birth to the “Social Security Law”. This was further amended by Republic Act No. 8282 otherwise known as the “Social Security Act of 1997”.

In summary, the said laws recognize the need of the State “to establish, develop, promote and perfect a sound and viable tax-exempt social security system suitable to the needs of the people throughout the Philippines which shall promote social justice and provide meaningful protection to members and their beneficiaries against the hazards of disability, sickness, maternity, old age, death, and other contingencies resulting in loss of income or financial burden.” [Source: “Republic Act 8282; SSS Official Website,, ©1997]

The Act further defined the role and responsibilities of the Social Security System and the people assigned to administer the institution.

Philippine payroll software basic knowledge

SSS in Philippine Payroll covers:

Private Sector Employees – compulsory coverage starts on the first day of employment whether permanent, temporary or provisional not over 60 years old

Employers – compulsory coverage starts on the first day of hiring

You might also encounter the term “entities” which the law defines as any person, and any social, civic, professional, charitable and other non-profit organizations who hire employees or get the services of another person in business, trade, industry or any undertaking

CONTACT Social Security Systems for the complete coverage list and rules on contribution requirements, benefits, forms, and filing procedures.  Their Head Office is at SSS Building East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City with telephone numbers 920-6401, 920-6446 or e-mail them at . Better yet, visit


Mustard Seed System’s payroll software includes a setup for SSS contribution.  The following benefits are available under SSS:

  • Sickness
  • Disability
  • Maternity / Paternity
  • Death
  • Retirement
  • Others

In processing payroll for employed SSS members, the payroll system follows the contributions table being provided by the government.  Government employees are covered by the rules under Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).


Know more about the Philippine Payroll Software, CONTACT US.


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