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Philippine Payroll tips before switching payroll services

Our Philippine payroll tips are designed to help you be more aware and at ease with your payroll processing.  Sometimes we get frustrated with our current payroll system specially if we are using a manual payroll system.  Oftentimes, we want to readily switch to a new system and use it.  However, there are certain things that you should remember before doing that.

Philippine payroll tips

Philippine Payroll tips before switching payroll services

1.  Payroll functionalities.  Before switching to a new system be sure that they will support all your payroll needs.  There are so many payroll companies in the Philippines but not everyone can accommodate your needs.  Some of the systems only supports limited number of employees thus you need to make sure that they are capable in handling your situation.

2.  After Sales Support.  Check whether the Philippine Payroll system provider has a good after sales support.  Test out their customer service and be sure that they have a good lead time in answering any queries in case there will be a problem with the system.

3.  Consolidate records.  Keep in safekeeping all payroll records before switching to a new system.  You have to protect them otherwise your data might suffer in the transfer in case something went wrong.

4.  Compliance with government agencies.  Make sure that your Philippine payroll system is compliant with all government regulations.  The system should be able to generate needed reports and forms so that you will have an easier time in complying with these requirements.

5.  Price vs Benefits.  Check out if switching to the new system is actually beneficial in terms of cost and additional benefits.  For example Philippine Payroll Pro has various packages which you can select in order to accommodate your company’s growing needs.

6.  Best time to switch.  The best time to switch to a new Philippine Payroll provider and system is either at the end of the quarter at the least but best advise is the start of the new year.  It is important to have a clear start with the new system since this will allow you an easier setup process.

7.  Provider location.  Be sure that your payroll system provider is situated locally or in the Philippines.  Home grown software has the ability to really facilitate your needs more and readily reply to your needs rather than providers outside of the country.

8.  Experience.  Determine the length of experience of the payroll provider.  This will determine their level of expertise in providing you the most reliable and accurate payroll system and services.  In the end a very good interface or website is outweighed by the number of years a company is actually providing business with its payroll services.

Philippine payroll tips

9.  Consult the experts.  If you are planning to avail of a Philippine Payroll system then why not consult those who know how it works.  We offer FREE CONSULTATION and assessment to those who are in need so just contact us or call us at +63(2)8535-SEED / 63(2)8535-7333,

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