We have created a Six-Phase Implementation Method to standardize the way we deploy HRpro to your company. This helps us rapidly customize the software based on your requirements in a matter of weeks.

Master Data Build Up & Data Migration

  • Employee Master File & 201
  • Employee Allowance
  • Employee Leaves
  • Employee Loans
  • User Access

Software Customization

  • Software Installation
  • Database & Network Administration

End-user Payroll Process Training

  • Setup and Overview
  • Actual Payroll Process

User Acceptance Training

  • Test different scenarios for some employees
  • Hands on process training

Pre Go-Live

  • Preparation and loading of beginning balances
  • Parallel processing for one month
  • Generation of Reports

Go-Live Assistance

  • Actual Payroll Process
  • Project Acceptance
  • Project Sign Off